Can be found at Magical Ruins.

Fire elemental

Weak against Dimeritium Bomb, Northern Wind, Elementa Oil, Aard.

They certainly look intimidating, but a patient Witcher can easily get the best of these material-based monsters. All three of these magical guardians are slow, so make the most of your dodge roll to escape their wide attacks after you get one or two hits in.

Earth elementals have a special attack in which they summon up a wave of rocks from the ground, but it's thankfully not too hard to dodge since it comes out in a straight line. Fire elementals, meanwhile, are more dangerous in that they can set you alight when you're close. Because of this, it's always best to hit a fire elemental with aard before you go in swinging, as the sign's blast will smother their flaming bodies for a short time.

However, all three monsters can make use of a defensive stance that damages you if you attack at the wrong time. While they rarely use this stance more than a couple of times during a brawl, it's still best to be wary if you see your foe stand still and crouch slightly. Wait for the stance to end before leaping back into the fray, or you'll be smashed aside.

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