They can be usually found in swamps and marshes.


Moon Dust, Quen and Necrophage Oil are effective against a Foglet

Fog is the traveler's foe. In the forest, it can make one lose one's way, at sea, it can send one sailing into the rocks. Yet such dangers are nothing compared to the monsters known as foglets which sometimes lurk within it. These creatures have powerful arms and claws like zerrikanian kinjals, yet what makes them truly dangerous is their mastery of deception, beguilement and disorientation. Many times they need not attack at all, instead simply driving their prey to madness or into boggy marshlands, after which they wait patiently for it to drown in the muddy waters.

Arguably one of the trickiest enemies in the game, foglets are slightly bigger than normal men, and they're not to be taken lightly. The main weapon in the foglet's arsenal is that they can disappear into - you guessed it - fog, and then materialise to break your guard and ravage you with their large claws.

Getting the better of such a crafty foe can be a tall order, especially if there's more than one of them, so your best bet is to cast quen, and wait patiently for the beast to appear, or indeed, reappear. Thicker clouds of fog indicate where the creature actually is, so keep a sharp eye on its movement patterns. If it appears to be moving towards you at pace, be ready to dodge roll away, as a simple sidestep won't put enough distance between you and its long arms.

Fights with foglets can become lengthy affairs if they're not taken care of quickly, as they can summon two wisp-like clones of themselves which are made from the fog. These clones will usually go down in a single strike, but can be dangerous if they attack from two different directions simultaneously.

Igni can be a decent option when flushing the monster out of hiding, while aard can be useful for creating an opening. Whatever you strategy, though, patience is key here. Any rash moves will likely be punished by the foglet, or one of its two clones.