The Gun Mettle Campaign is a three-month event introduced in the Gun Mettle Update in which players could complete skill-based contracts to be awarded one-of-a-kind weapons and exclusive weapons cases. Participation in the event required a Gun Mettle Campaign Pass. Using the Campaign Pass converted it to a Gravel Gun Mettle Campaign Coin. This Campaign Pass was not available for sale during the last week of the event.

Contracts Edit

Participating players are granted two contracts each week during the event. These contracts can be completed anytime during the event but must be completed before the event ends. Players who join the Campaign after the initial week will have access to the same number of contracts as players who joined on day one.

Each contract sets a number of skill-based challenges the player can do to earn Contract Points (CP). This includes one or more Advanced objectives that award Bonus CP. To complete a contract a player must earn 100 CP from that contract's objectives. They can then turn in the contract immediately or earn an optional 30 Bonus CP by completing Advanced objectives. When a contract is completed the player is awarded a Campaign-exclusive weapon or weapons case. The contract's CP is also added to the player's total CP on their Campaign Coin.

When decoding a Contract while connected to an officially registered server, players will hear one of Miss Pauling's voice responses offering a new Contract based on the currently played class. Completing a contract will also yield another response.

In Game Edit

The in-game HUD displays information about your active contracts. This includes your number of active contracts, the CP progression of each contract, and each contract's objectives and CP value.

List of potential contract objectives Edit

Open objectives Edit

  • Score points: 1 CP
  • (Advanced) Score 10 points in a single life: 10 CP

Kill objectives Edit

  • Get a kill: 1 CP
  • Kill a Scout: 3 CP
  • Kill a Soldier: 3 CP
  • Kill a Pyro: 3 CP
  • Kill a Demoman: 3 CP
  • Kill a Heavy: 3 CP
  • Kill an Engineer: 3 CP
  • Kill a Medic: 3 CP
  • Kill a Sniper: 3 CP
  • Kill a Spy: 3 CP
  • (Advanced) Get 5 kills in a single life: 10 CP

Scout objectives Edit

  • Score points as Scout: 1 CP
  • Kill while mid-jump as Scout
  • Kill a Demoman as Scout: 2 CP
  • (Advanced) Capture an objective as Scout: 10 CP
  • Kill as Scout
  • Kill a Medic as Scout: 5 CP

Soldier objectives Edit

  • Score points as Soldier: 1 CP
  • Secondary weapon kill as Soldier
  • (Advanced) Kill while blast jumping as Soldier: 10 CP
  • Scouts killed as Soldier
  • (Advanced) Kill an airborne target with your secondary: 5 CP
  • Get a direct hit with a rocket: 2 CP
  • Demomen killed as Soldier
  • Heavies killed as Soldier
  • Engineers killed as Soldier
  • Medics killed as Soldier
  • Snipers killed as Soldier
  • Spies killed as Soldier
  • Kill as Soldier: 2 CP

Pyro objectives Edit

  • Score points as Pyro: 1 CP
  • Extinguish a teammate as Pyro
  • (Advanced) Kill with a reflected projectile as Pyro: 20 CP
  • (Advanced) Environment kill as Pyro: 10 CP
  • Ignite an invisible or disguised Spy as Pyro
  • Kill as Pyro: 2 CP

Demoman objectives Edit

  • Score points as Demoman: 1 CP
  • Sticky grenade kill as Demoman: 2 CP
  • (Advanced) Melee kill as Demoman: 3 CP
  • (Advanced) As Demoman, kill an enemy doing the objective: 4 CP
  • Get a kill as Demoman: 2 CP
  • Bash an enemy with a shield

Heavy objectives Edit

  • Score points as Heavy: 2 CP
  • Get a kill as Heavy: 2 CP
  • Kill a Heavy as Heavy: 4 CP
  • Kill a Scout as Heavy
  • (Advanced) Destroy an Engineer building as Heavy: 10 CP
  • (Advanced) Capture or defend an objective as Heavy: 20 CP
  • (Advanced) Take 1000 damage in a single life as Heavy: 20 CP

Engineer objectives Edit

  • Score points as Engineer: 1 CP
  • (Advanced) Get 5 kills with a single Sentry: 10 CP
  • Get a kill with a Sentry
  • Teleport a teammate: 2 CP
  • Get a kill as Engineer
  • Dispense 500 health to teammates

Medic objectives Edit

  • Score points as Medic: 2 CP
  • (Advanced) Get an assist with an Ubered Heavy: 10 CP
  • (Advanced) Assist in destroying a sentry while Ubered: 20 CP
  • (Advanced) Get an assist with an Ubered Demoman: 10 CP

Sniper objectives Edit

  • Score points as Sniper: 1 CP
  • Scoped bodyshot kill as Sniper
  • (Advanced) Headshot kill as Sniper: 4 CP
  • Kill a Medic as Sniper: 2 CP
  • Kill a Heavy as Sniper: 2 CP
  • Kill a Sniper as Sniper
  • Get a kill as Sniper

Spy objectives Edit

  • Score points as Spy: 2 CP
  • (Advanced) Destroy a building with a Sapper: 10 CP
  • (Advanced) Get a Backstab: 6 CP
  • Kill a Medic as Spy
  • (Advanced) Kill an Engineer as Spy
  • Kill a Sniper as Spy: 4 CP
  • Get a kill as Spy

Powerhouse objectives Edit

  • Get a kill on Powerhouse
  • Capture an objective on Powerhouse: 10 CP
  • Kill an enemy capturing a point on Powerhouse: 10 CP
  • (Advanced) Win a round on Powerhouse: 20 CP
  • Score points on Powerhouse: 1 CP

Snowplow objectives Edit

  • Score points on Snowplow: 1 CP
  • Capture an objective on Snowplow
  • Defend an objective on Snowplow: 10 CP
  • (Advanced) Win a round on Snowplow: 10 CP

Borneo objectives Edit

  • Score points on Borneo: 1 CP
  • Capture an objective on Borneo: 10 CP
  • Defend the cart on Borneo
  • (Advanced) Win a round on Borneo: 10 CP

Suijin objectives Edit

  • Score points on Suijin: 1 CP
  • Defend the objective on Suijin: 10 CP
  • Capture the objective on Suijin: 10 CP
  • (Advanced) Win a round on Suijin: 10 CP

Notes Edit

  • Assists count as kills.
  • Objectives trigger multiple times in a single life if the

requirements are met a second time. For example, getting 10 kills in one life will count a "get 5 kills in one life" objective twice.

Campaign Coin Edit

Upon entering the Campaign a player is given a Gravel Gun Mettle Campaign Coin. This non-tradable coin makes the player eligible to receive weekly campaign contracts. It also tracks the player's total Campaign Contract Points (CP), Contract Bonus Points, Contracts Completed, and Contract Kills. The badge will increase in quality for every 1000 CP earned during the event.

Screenshot 1

Campaign Weapons Edit

Each contract a player completes awards them a Campaign-exclusive weapon or weapon crate. These weapons are functionally equivalent to standard weapons but contain one-of-a-kind paint applications. Standard paint patterns are uniquely placed on each weapon to make it different from any other awarded. Weapons also come in six different rarities and five levels of wear. Weapons that come from cases can have the Strange capability, can more rarely be Unusual, and in the rarest case can be both.

Rarities Edit

Weapons awarded during the Gun Mettle Campaign are of one of six different rarities. Weapons awarded for completed a contract are from the first four grades. Weapons obtained by unlocking weapons crates are from grades 3-6.

Screenshot 2

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