Marth Palette (SSBM)

Marth currently ranks 4th place on the tier list, in the S tier. This is due to fast overall startup in his attacks, long and disjointed range, large amounts of extra power when attacks hit at the tip of his blade, very potent juggling and combo ability with one of the largest non-disjointed grab ranges, and a great edgeguarding ability. Marth is also blessed with a multitude of good movement options to approach and pressure with. He has a long dash dance and a long wavedash, both of which compliment his large reach. Marth also has many options to KO enemies and close combos, such as his down aerial (a very potent spike when sweetspotted, and the closer to the notorious Ken Combo) and forward smash. Compared to other top-tier characters, Marth's learning curve is not very high as he does not require an extensive amount of tech skill to be used effectively, making him easy to pick up and play. On the downside, his ability to punish approaches are somewhat limited in comparison to other top tier characters due to the lack of a projectile and the short duration of his moves. Marth also suffers from a general lack of options when put on the defensive. His weight makes him very easy to combo and does not provide sufficient knockback resistance to survive heavy hits at kill percent.


Use the tip of the sword. Marth's attacks are the most powerful at the tip of his sword. Because of this, you can keep attacking your enemies from a distance, while they cannot even touch you. It is best to be fairly far away from your enemy at all times.

Time your attacks carefully and precisely. Timing is everything with Marth's attacks. Do this and your opponents will be flying off the stage in no time.


Use Aerial A-attacks wisely. Marth's Aerial A-attacks are said to be the greatest in the game. However, make sure that that you don't give your enemy the opportunity to attack.


Use his forward smash. This attack has a large negative stigma for being overused, and for a good reason. It is powerful, relatively quick, and has the greatest range of Marth's moves. Practice so that you'll be able to get a tipper; it's much more powerful. Also, do not over use the move because it can be punished or may greatly annoy the opponent.


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