- Bomb Defusal

Maps classified as a Bomb Defusal scenario have Terrorists tasked with planting a bomb at one of two locations and ensuring it explodes or eliminating the Counter-Terrorists before the bomb can be defused. The Counter-Terrorists can win if they eliminate the Terrorists before the bomb has been planted or by defusing the bomb after it has been planted.

 - Hostage Rescue

Maps classified as a Hostage Rescue scenario have Counter-Terrorists tasked with eliminating the Terrorists or rescuing at least half of the hostages. Earlier games had at least 4 hostages on hostage rescue maps, but that number was reduced to 2 in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The Terrorists can win if the round timer runs out before enough hostages are rescued or if they eliminate the Counter-Terrorists before enough hostages are rescued.

  - Arsenal: Arms Race

Maps classified as an Arms Race scenario are team deathmatch style maps in which the player cannot purchase any weapons, but instead must advance through the weapons in the game by killing opponents until achieving the final kill with a golden knife.

 - Arsenal: Demolition

Maps classified as a Demolition scenario are similar to Bomb Defusal maps, with the exception of having only a single bomb site in a significantly smaller map. Instead of receiving money for completing objectives, players are rewarded with new weapons each round for eliminating at least one player from the opposing team

 - Assassination

Maps classified as an Assassination scenario have the Counter-Terrorists safely escorting a VIP to the extraction zone. Terrorists must prevent them from doing so by assassinating him. Either team can also win the round by eliminating the opposing team.

   - Escape

Maps classified as an Escape scenario have the Terrorists trying to escape from the Counter-Terrorists. Although the mode was included in the Counter-Strike beta, it was not continued as an official game type.

 - Official maps

This is a complete list of official maps for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. In parentheses are the official prefixes for the game modes. These are used to simplify the dedicated server browser.

  - Arsenal: Arms Race (AR) maps:

- Baggage

- Monastery

- Shoots

  - Arsenal: Demolition (DE) maps:

- Bank

- Lake

- Safehouse

- Shorttrain

- St. Marc

- Sugarcane

  - Hostage rescue (CS) maps:

- Assault**

- Italy**

- Militia**

- Office**

* Active Duty map group

** Reserves map group

  - Bomb defusal (DE) maps:

- Aztec**

- Cache*

- Cobblestone*

- Dust**

- Dust II*

- Inferno*

- Mirage*

- Nuke*

- Overpass*

- Train**

- Vertigo**

* Active Duty map group

** Reserves map group

  - Operations maps:

- Agency

- Ali

- Black Gold

- Cache

- Castle

- Chinatown

- Downtown

- Favela

- Gwalior

- Insertion

- Library

- Mist

- Motel

- Museum

- Overgrown

- Ruins

- Rush

- Seaside

- Siege

- Thunder

*These maps are/were only available during Operation Updates.  

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