Far Cry 4 is a first-person shooter video game set in an open world. The game features role-playing game elements, with the player awarded with experience points for completing missions and performing various tasks. These can then be spent on skills which offer performance boosts such as additional health bars, new abilities such as taking down enemies from behind cover, or perks such as discounts at stores. The player is free to choose which of the available skills to unlock next provided that they have enough skill points and story conditions have been met.


Far Cry 4 also offers a variety of weapons, including sidearms, shot guns, assault and sniper rifles, and heavy weapons such as machine guns and rocket launchers. These can be purchased at stores throughout the game world, or taken from fallen enemies. Weapons can be customised and upgraded to improve performance, and the completion of side-quests will unlock "signature" weapons, one-of-a-kind high-performance variations of stock models. The player is initially limited in the number of weapons that they can carry and the amount of ammunition that they can hold, but can craft additional holsters and ammunition pouches by hunting animals.

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The game world is divided into two halves, North and South Kyrat. The player starts in South Kyrat, and is free to explore almost immediately, but can only unlock North Kyrat over the course of the story. The map is progressively opened up by liberating bell towers, freeing them from Pagan Min's influence and allowing the Golden Path to expand. The player will also encounter outposts, or enemy checkpoints that need to be captured by eliminating all soldiers. Four larger outposts, or fortresses, can also be found, featuring stronger defences and more difficult combinations of enemies. Liberating bell towers and clearing outposts will unlock further side-quests including escort missions, hostage rescues, bomb disposal quests, and hunting missions.

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Far Cry 4 Gameplay - E3 2014 Sony Press Conference06:30

Far Cry 4 Gameplay - E3 2014 Sony Press Conference

 Reviews of this game were pretty good here is some of the famous ones

Gamespot 14635


Metacritic logo 50


Ign 18393

Far Cry 4 - Review07:07

Far Cry 4 - Review

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